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Landscape Architecture Month - April, 2014

The Governor’s of both Montana and Idaho have proclaimed April as Landscape Architecture Month. This month, especially on Arbor Day, people are encouraged to plant and care for trees and to acknowledge the quality of life that trees and green spaces contribute to our lives.
The National Landscape Architecture Month (NLAM) 2014 has spurred a country-wide discussion about the profession’s role in the most important issues facing our country, such as reducing childhood obesity, cleaning the air, greening the streets, and urging people to get out and take advantage of the great parks and landscapes available to them. Landscape architects will join across the country during the month of April to promote the landscape architecture profession to students, specifically underrepresented minorities. They’ll hold public events showcasing just what can be done through hands-on work with the public, speaking engagements, and in-school presentations. Working with landscape architects, communities can promote health and well-being by encouraging the development of environments that offer rich social, economic, and environmental benefits. Healthy, livable communities improve the welfare and well-being of people by expanding the range of affordable transportation, employment, and housing choices through "Live, Work, Play" developments; incorporating physical activity into components of daily life; preserving and enhancing valuable natural resources; providing access to affordable, nutritious, and locally produced foods distributed for less cost; and creating a unique sense of community and place.
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