MSU Visit

MSU Visit

On April 5th, IMASLA members Kent Watson, Lynda Wightman, and Kate Dinsmore met with the Montana State University (MSU) landscape design program faculty and students. The MSU program is working towards becoming an accredited landscape architecture program. Over lunch with about 25 students, the professionals talked to the students about the benefits of ASLA for student members, learned about the MSU program, and answered student questions.

The students were interested in additional opportunities to interact with local landscape architecture professionals. Some ideas for professionals to engage with the students include internships, job shadowing, office visits, or portfolio reviews.

Student engagement and support of the landscape architecture programs within our chapter are important for promoting and building landscape architecture. Professional engagement with the students will help build more robust programs and raise awareness of landscape architecture within our communities. If you’re interested in being more involved with our chapter’s landscape architecture students, you’re encouraged to reach out to the chapter or the program to find out how you can contribute.


Kate Dinsmore, PLA, SITES AP

U of I WLAM Events

The University of Idaho Faculty of Landscape Architecture will be celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month with the following events:

April 26, 2016: Birth Day Party

Placing of an Interpretive Marker in the Norway Maple Grove of the University of Idaho Administrative Lawn to celebrate Frederick Law Olmsted’s birthday and the Olmsted Brothers 1908 University of Idaho Master Plan. 11:00 AM. Birthday cake will be served following the ceremony.

April 28, 2016: Lecture and Film Screening

”Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America”
with Laurence Cotton, originator, principal researcher and consulting producer of the PBS documentary of the same title.6:00 PM in the University of Idaho Law Building Courtroom. Refreshments will be served following the presentation.

All Idaho Montana ASLA members are all are invited.

Thank you.


Stephen R.Drown, ASLA
Professor and Program Head
Faculty of Landscape Architecture
College of Art and Architecture
Extension Education Specialist
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS# 2481
Moscow, ID  83844

April is World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM)

During World Landscape Architecture Month, we will begin a collaborative relationship between ASLA’s chapters and IFLA member organizations around the globe for April and beyond. Our Chapter is partnering with Norway.

ASLA has three initial activity suggestions:

1.     “Designed by a Landscape Architect" campaign; photos posted on social media.

2.     International Sketch Walk Day: to be announced.

3.     Connect ASLA Student Chapters with IFLA student affiliates.

 By participating in the "Designed by a Landscape Architect" campaign you can raise awareness of the contribution landscape architects make in our communities and worldwide. It is easy to do. Print the cards that say "Designed by a Landscape Architect", cut one out, hold it up in front of a favorite landscape that was designed by a landscape architect and take a photo of the site, including the card. Check out the Idaho Montana ASLA Facebook page for examples.

The cards to be used are attached to this message and posted on ; print them, share them, send them to others for use in photos. Photos can be submitted by non-landscape architects as long as the site in the photo was designed by a landscape architect. Post them with #WLAM2015 on your favorite social media, including Idaho Montana ASLA Facebook page. Also, please go to  to submit the picture so ASLA can catalogue everything. Be sure to check out what others are posting; it will be a world tour of landscape architecture!

Stay tuned for the International Sketch Walk details.

Finally, we would like to coordinate students from our ASLA chapters to connect with students of landscape architecture affiliated with IFLA organizations. One of our goals during WLAM is reaching students and developing the next generation of landscape architects. The IMASLA Chapter Leadership will be contacting our Student ASLA Chapters soon. 

Submitted by Jennie Meinershagen, Public Awareness Liaison, IMASLA MT Vice-President